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How to Compose mail in [Simple Process]

Compose mail in Gmail one of the world’s largest and widely used free email service. Earlier people used many free email services. Such as Yahoo Mail, RocketMail, AOL Mail and many other emails. But after the evolution of Gmail, every free email service lost its value in the market. Yahoo acquired Rocketmail and AOL mail, now Gmail is solely competing with Yahoo Mail, and still, Gmail is widely used than Yahoo. Microsoft Outlook also one of the popular free email service, which acquired Hotmail.

Compose mail in

compose a mail in gmail

compose a mail in gmail

Today we are going to see how to compose a mail in More than a billion people use Gmail. More than half of the Gmail users don’t know how to create a mail in Gmail. So to help all those, who are not aware of creating mail in Gmail, I wrote this guide.

In order to compose mail in Gmail, you have to log in to your Gmail login. If you don’t have Gmail, you can do Gmail sign up right away. It’s free of cost. All you just need is a mobile number that too for verification purpose. After logging into your Gmail account, in the right sidebar, there is a button with the text Compose.

Click on Compose button. Here the word compose refers to compose a mail. Our intention is to compose a mail, so click on that button. After clicking, it will open a window named New Message, on the right side bottom. That is where exactly you have to enter your mail.

New Message box contains three sections. One is To Section. It means, to whom you want to send your mail. Here you have to enter the email address of the recipient.

The next section is the Subject section, where you have to enter the subject of the mail. If you don’t know what is subject of the mail, the no worries. I will explain what is meant by the subject of the mail. The subject of the mail is nothing but the title or short description of your mail or we can say the purpose of the email. For example, Seeking leave for two days, please pay the rent in time or anything which describes the concept of the mail in small format.

In Gmail, Subject of the email is very important. In case if you skip giving subject to the emails you send, it may go into spam messages folder. Hence it is always recommended to add a subject line to your mail. It’ll help you to understand the mail easily and also delivers in the right section.

The next section you can see it completely blank. That’s where exactly you have to write your mail. you can write detailed mail in this section. This section comes with pre-defined editing tools, with which you can add bulleted points in your mail, you can bold specific text, you make text italic or underline. You can even change the font style. If you are a person who loves using keyboard shortcuts, you can use them while composing mail in google. Gmail composer supports keyboard shortcuts to bold the text, underline the text and few other keyboard shortcuts as well.

You can also add attachments to your emails. For example, if you want to send a photograph with the mail, you can attach images. Not only images but almost all media files can be shared through your mail using Gmail. This silent features what makes Gmail stand out as one of the best free email services in the world. Gmail attachments has a limitation. Media file above 20MB can’t be added to your email. Instead you can upload that file to your Google drive and share download link in your mail.

Hope this makes sense. To make things easier, I wrote How to Compose mail in in bulleted point below. Do refer them.

Create a mail in

kindly follow the below steps.

  1. First of all visit
  2. Log in to your Gmail account
  3. After successful login, in the left sidebar, you can see a button with the name COMPOSE
  4. Click on Compose Button.
  5. It will open a “New Message” window, on the right side bottom.
  6. In New Message box you can compose your mail.

It is very simple to compose mail in Gmail. However, few people are not aware of composing mail in google. For them, this is the best guide. If you have any friends, who are not aware of how to compose mail in, you can share this guide with them.

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if this guide helped you. If you have any doubts, if you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

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