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How To Block Someone In Gmail : 3 Different ways

How To Block Someone In Gmail : No one denies the uses of the Gmail account because it has evolved a lot with the evolution of technology. With the advanced features, is serving millions of users across the globe and earned a special place.

But we are also sure there would be cases, where people would have encountered receiving few unwanted mails from other people. Wondering as how to block such people ? Don’t worry ! We will help you in this regard.

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In order to help you, we have come up with this article that clearly tells you as how you can block them. Check out :

Block Someone In Gmail : 3 Different ways

block someone in gmail

block someone in gmail

Here is the step by step procedure to block someone in Read on :

Block Sender Using Gmail Extension :

  1. At first, add the ‘Block Sender for Gmail’ extension from the Google Chrome store in case if you are using the Chrome.
  2. Now, open the Gmail account and the message you want to block
  3. There you will see a new Block option. Just hit the button. This helps to create a Gmail filter blocking the sender of the message.
  4. You will receive a confirmation message.
  5. Then, after the completion of the process, the upcoming messages from the sender will be directed to the trash.

Using Filters :

  1. Open the Gmail account and pick the sender that you are planning to block.
  2. Now, select the triangle that is on the right-hand side of the search bar at the top of the screen.
  3. You will see a new window. Just make sure that – “All Mail” is selected.
  4. There, enter the email address of the one you would like to block
  5. Now, click the hyperlink – ‘Create filter with this search’ that is at the bottom right of the search window.
  6. Just select the option – ‘Delete it’.
  7. Now, you have blocked the sender.
  8. From now, all the messages from this sender will be automatically directed to the trash

Block From Any Open Message:

  1. All you need to do is just click the down arrow in the left corner of an open message.
  2. Then select the option – Filter messages like this from the drop down box
  3. Then confirm the details of the sender
  4. Now, select the hyperlink ‘Create filter with this search’ that is at the bottom right of the window.
  5. Later, hit the option – ‘Delete it’
  6. And you have successfully blocked the sender
  7. From now, all the forthcoming messages from the sender will go to trash.

Conclusion :

Remember that blocking a sender on Gmail is as simple as creating a new Gmail account. And, also you can opt for any of the above mentioned procedures to block a particular sender, who is sending irritating messages. All you need to do is just read the article and follow the instructions carefully. Implement them and block the senders as per your choice.

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Updated: July 10, 2017 — 8:18 pm

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